Baptism / First Communion / Confirmation

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Baptism is a visible symbol of God’s inclusive love.  Baptism is also a celebration of belonging in the very heart and mind of God, yet also participating in a community of faith.

This is done by immersion or by pouring and in the name of the Trinity (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit). Baptism signifies cleansing, the washing away of sin and identifies us with the death and resurrection of Jesus. Through baptism we become part of the Christian community (the church). Anglicans traditionally are baptised as infants but adult baptism also occurs.

Baptisms are mostly held as a part of the 9am Sunday service, however alternate arrangements can be made.

Baptism is available for both children and adults.   For adults Baptism also incorporates confirmation by the Bishop.

Download Baptism leaflet…. Baptism at st Johns

Download Request for Child Baptism form ……Request for Baptism child

Download Request for Adult Baptism / Confirmation form ….. Request for Baptism-Confirmation of adult

First Communion

This is an opportunity for children to be included in the celebration of Holy CommunionHoly Communion is the sharing together of bread and wine. In the bread and wine we believe that we are invited to share God’s life in Christ.  As young children grasp the meaning of Communion they can be welcomed to the Eucharistic table.


Confirmation is the laying on of hands by the Bishop with prayers for the gift of the Holy Spirit for mission and ministry. It is a time when baptised persons confirm the promises made on their behalf in infant baptism and take on adult responsibility for their Christian life.

The Bishop usually makes one official pastoral visit to St John’s each year.  Confirmations are held at the 9am Sunday service on the weekend of his visit.  Preparation sessions are held in the weeks prior.

Download Request for Confirmation form ………Request for Confirmation