Parish History

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St John the Evangelist Anglican Parish in Coffs Harbour celebrated its centenary in April 1999. The photo on our Home Page shows a worship service taking place in this church. This building is in fact the third St John’s church in Coffs, and the second to be built on our present site. It was built in 1972, on the same site as the second St John’s church. The second St John’s had stood from 1911 until 1972 when Bishop Robert Gordon, Bishop of Grafton, revoked the licence the old church, allowing it to be demolished and our current church to be built in its place. The trowel used to lay the foundation stone of the third St John’s was the same trowel used to lay the foundation stone of the second St John’s, sixty two years before, on October 7th, 1910.

There was sadness, dislocation and pain involved for some in the decision to build the third St John’s. The diocese made the decision that St Aidan’s Anglican church which had served the Anglican community in the Jetty area for sixty years, would be amalgamated with the new, bigger St John’s, and the old St Aidan’s was demolished in January 1973. During the time of our parish centenary, one of our parishioners, Bill Phillips, wrote a history of the first one hundred years, and gifted his research and publication to the parish. It is a wonderful archival record, and is available to be borrowed from the Parish Office if anyone would like to know more about our Parish history.